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Spring Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Expert Advice on How to Take Care of Your Fireplace at the End of the Season 

One of the coziest things to do on dreary, cold winter nights is to build a roaring fire in the hearth, and gather your friends and family around it. However, winter is almost over, and you will soon start spending more time outdoors, making the most of spring and summer. While you are enjoying the last few cozy fires of the season and making a spring cleaning checklist, remember to include your fireplace maintenance in that list. 

Due to several months of non-usage, your gas or wood burning fireplace can lead to potentially dangerous situations which can put your home and family in harm’s way. Prevent hazardous issues and expensive problems by scheduling a regular cleaning and inspection.  Here are some quick tips to optimize the life of your hearth and keep your home safe.

Important Tips to Remember Post Winter

Once winter is over, you will not kindle a fire and that is the perfect time to schedule your maintenance appointment. To inspect the chimney, you need to get onto the roof which can be quite tough during the colder months.   

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces: The multiple fires that you lit through winter can result in the buildup of an inflammable chemical called creosote. At the end of the season, conduct a chimney sweep or hire the services of a professional to check and address this chemical buildup. Apart from inspecting the chimney for creosote:
  • Check for loose bricks, cracks or missing mortar, or any obstruction due to twigs, dried leaves and branches at the top of the chimney. 
  • Ensure that the flue liners, dampers, mesh screen and chimney cap are in good shape and working suitably. 
  • Thoroughly clean the firebox, clear any debris, and open the damper before cleaning the soot. 
  • Gas Fireplaces: While gas is a cleaner, efficient and eco-friendly source of heat in your home, neglecting your unit’s upkeep could mean that a component malfunction or gas leak goes unnoticed. To keep your home and family safe from potential fire hazards, sign up for an annual cleaning and maintenance contract with professionals. If you are handy around the house, here’s what you can do:
  • Thoroughly clean the glass doors and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any debris inside or around the vents. 
  • Check that the gas logs are in good condition and properly positioned.
  • Inspect and clean the thermopile and thermocouple.
  • Check the gas connection and valves and ensure there are no leaks.

At the end of the season, conduct a thorough inspection as well as routine repairs and maintenance to ensure your gas or wood burning unit remains safe and efficient. 

Trust Elite Fireplace for all your fireplace and chimney cleaning, repairs, and maintenance needs. Call us at (610) 489-4274 today or contact us online to learn more about our services and products. A representative will be in touch soon.