Water intrusion can lead to many issues such as premature failure of both the exterior and inside liner of the chimney, failure of adjacent portions of your home, mold and mildew, and odors smelled inside your home.

Your chimney is constantly bombarded by weather from the outside and sharp temperature contrast and acidic by products of the fuel burned from within.  Due to these forces all chimneys will eventually let water within the chimney or into your home.  Most of the time water leaks in and around chimneys are caused by a deteriorated crown (top of the chimney) or not having a cap like shown in the picture to the right, or flashing issues, but not always.

Therefore we at Elite Fireplace have a 31 point inspection that we have implemented in order to determine if the above stated reason or some other reason is the cause for your particular water leak.  Once we have found the source of the leak we can then offer you the appropriate solution to your problem.

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