As with any other area of chimney and fireplace work it is important to hire a certified chimney expert.  Why?

Every fireplace and appliance attached to a chimney require certain sizes and certain types of materials in order for the fireplace to draft properly or for the attached appliance to vent properly therefore enabling the appliance to operate efficiently and to extend it’s life as much as possible.  That requires the technician to know fireplace sizing requirements and if it has an attached appliance(s) the specifications of said appliance(s) in order to choose the proper size and correct materials for venting purposes.  We at Elite Fireplace only use Stainless Steel liners that are rated for the purpose of the particular chimney.  Another area of expertise that is needed in this process is whether the liner has to be insulated or not.  Once again that depends on what the chimney is used for and as always you can count on Elite Fireplace to make sure this part of your chimney relining is done for safety and in compliance.

Just like needing the correct liner you also need the correct cap.  We only use Stainless Steel Caps at the specified size, type, and thickness unless otherwise specified by our customer.  An example of this would be copper, but as always we make sure the cap is in compliance with the use of the chimney.  

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