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There is no denying the joy of a crackling fire, the aroma of burning wood and the peaceful feeling of flames dancing in your traditional, wood burning fireplace. While the delightful sizzle and charming sight creates a warm and welcoming ambience for friends and family to gather around your hearth, maintaining a wood burning fireplace involves a fair bit of effort. This includes gathering or buying the firewood, stacking and storing the logs, bringing them to the hearth, and kindling and tending to the fire. You will also have to clean up the ashes and arrange for periodic inspections and chimney sweeps. Moreover, if you have young children and pets, you need to maintain a constant vigil near a lit fire, even if there are protective screens around the firebox.  

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Get in the Know of Common Chimney Problems and their Solutions

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you will agree that ‘leak’ is a dreadful four-letter-word, and you would do anything to avoid any leaky problems in your home. Depending on the type of leak and how quickly you identify its source, you may be able to minimize damage to the floors, walls, roofs and other sections of your home. However, a water damage situation is usually accompanied by scare, confusion and a significant dent in your wallet.

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In just a couple of months from now, you will be sitting around a crackling fire, warming your tippy toes, sipping hot cocoa or wine, and taking in the familiar smell of firewood burning. When you find yourself wrapped comfortably in your favorite fleece blanket, or surrounded by family or friends on cold, winter evenings, you will be thankful for the wood logs that you collected and prepped ahead of time. 

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Your Professional Chimney and Fireplace Company Can Help

When it comes to selecting a heating system for your home, you have a number of options available in the market today. In addition to the HVAC systems, you have plenty of secondary heating sources such as fireplaces, stoves or inserts. However, the variety of models available in every category may leave you confused. How do you decide on the appropriate solution for your home’s heating needs? Your lifestyle, preferences and budget will be the guiding factors while narrowing down on aspects such as the fuel type, venting options, designs and sizes. 

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Key Differences and Advantages of Both 

It is that time of the year when you may be shifting gears and getting back to the daily grind after an enjoyable summer break. While you count down to the last of the backyard parties, reminisce the best of your cottage country drives and adjust to a newer routine with the kids being back in school, you may already be thinking of the festivities and the holiday season ahead. During this time, are you also considering new heating options to prepare your home for the fast approaching chilly weather? If you are trying to decide between wood stoves or gas ones, it will help to know more about both options. Make the choice that complements your lifestyle and budget.

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A List of Pros and Cons from Your Trusted Chimney and Fireplace Company 

Isn’t it magical to hear the crackling of the logs, take in the aroma of the burning wood, watch the flames dance and feel warm and cheerful just by being in a room with a lit fireplace? Wood has been used to light fires since prehistoric times, making it one of mankind’s most faithful friends. However, in modern times, thanks to the higher environmental awareness and stricter emission norms, wood burning fireplaces are slowly making way for gas or electric ones.

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Your Trusted Chimney and Fireplace Company Lists the Possible Causes and Fixes for a Leaky Chimney

While you look forward to a multitude of activities during the long, warm days of summer, the one thing that may cause a temporary halt or disruption in your plans is the occasional summer storm. Ranging from mild to severe, a summer storm can bring about torrential rains, high winds, lightening and hail. Depending on the force of Mother Nature, you may be looking at possible damages to your fence, roof or even the chimney. 

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A Handy List and Possible Solutions from Your Trusted Chimney and Fireplace Company 

A wood-burning fireplace always has a special place in our hearts and homes. But your hearth’s safety and efficiency is largely dependent on the health of the chimney. Seasonal wear and tear can result in a blocked or leaky chimney, which can be extremely dangerous to your home and your family. Not only can it lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, but a damaged chimney could potentially cause a massive house fire. 

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Your Trusted Chimney and Fireplace Company Responds to Common Queries about Fireplace Safety

At that time of the year when the temperatures take a nosedive, the warmth and charm of a lit fireplace is guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of everyone in your home. However, if you do not take the necessary precautions to ensure fireplace safety, this enjoyment could be short-lived. 

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Suggestions from Your Trusted Chimney and Fireplace Company 

Spring is in full bloom, summer is just around the corner, and in the next few months, you are not likely to use your fireplace. However, a hearth is a feature that always draws attention. So, why not take advantage of this focal point in your home and accentuate it smartly. Not only will it add a different kind of accent to your home décor, but a cleverly decked out fireplace can completely revamp the look of a room.

Top 3 Things You Can Do with Your Fireplace

There are several ways to decorate your hearth and make it a standout centerpiece when it is not being used, especially during the summer months. Here are our top 3 suggestions: 

  1. Make It into a Candle Cradle or a Botanical Hub: Stack up a cluster of candles of varying sizes in a wrought iron tray or use your fireplace grate to place a bunch of aromatic votives and give your room a soft, dreamy glow. Alternately, bring on the gorgeous ferns and succulents and pack your hearth with pots and planters for a soothing, green accent to your room. 
  2. Give It a Kaleidoscopic Touch: Paint the ends of wood logs and stack up a tall log pile within your fireplace to give your home décor a colorful twist. You can create a kaleidoscopic swirl in other ways, such as placing vases of vibrant florets, or a collage of photo frames inside or atop your hearth.
  3. Showstopper Screens: Add a stunning screen to your fireplace and elevate the look of your entire room. You can repurpose an old window shutter, or make a trip to the thrift store for some vintage finds, or shop for beautiful gold or bronze plated designer screens from any home décor showroom. 

Before you decorate your fireplace this summer, make sure you have cleared the creosote and soot, removed the ashes and cleaned up the outer hearth. Let skilled and experienced technicians conduct an annual fireplace maintenance and a chimney sweep to ensure that your unit remains safe and efficient. 

For professional and reliable chimney inspections, choose Elite Fireplace. Call us at (610) 489-4274 today or contact us online and we will be in touch soon.   

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