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Think You May Have a Leaky Chimney?

Get in the Know of Common Chimney Problems and their Solutions

Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, you will agree that ‘leak’ is a dreadful four-letter-word, and you would do anything to avoid any leaky problems in your home. Depending on the type of leak and how quickly you identify its source, you may be able to minimize damage to the floors, walls, roofs and other sections of your home. However, a water damage situation is usually accompanied by scare, confusion and a significant dent in your wallet.

Unlike a faulty pipe or a loose faucet, there is no easy way of identifying a leak that originates through your home’s chimney. Occasionally, there may be certain obvious signs such as, rainwater seeping into your hearth, or a patch of wallpaper peeling at the exact place where the chimney runs through the walls. A few other telltale signs that experienced chimney repair technicians will look for include crumbling mortar joints, visible cracks to the brick structure, worn out crown, missing cap, damaged roof shingles, or water around the flashing. However, pinpointing the exact location of the leak is not a DIY job; you will have to call in the chimney experts.

If you suspect your chimney is leaking, seek the help of professionals who can arrest the problem and prevent extensive water damage to the rest of your property. While you reach out to your local chimney company, read up our suggestions on how to prevent such problems in the future.

Simple Safeguards to Keep Your Chimney in Check 

Although it looks like a fairly straightforward column of bricks, the chimney has a fairly complex underlying structure. Here are some simple ways to catch any chimney-related issues, before they become disastrous for your home:

  • Ensure the Chimney Cap is Not Missing or Broken: Keep moisture, debris, rodents and birds out of your chimney by making sure that a chimney cap is fitted on top of the chimney crown. A properly covered and protected flue will go a long way in preventing leaks and minimizing the seasonal wear and tear caused by rain, winds, sleet and snow. Consider an annual chimney sweep to get rid of creosote and keep your chimney safe from any lingering inflammables before using your hearth in the following season.
  • Install a Roof Cricket: If the height of your chimney is less than the peak of your roof, rain water and melting snow is likely to accumulate and seep into the joint where the chimney and the roof meet. Install a roofing cricket or a saddle to force the water to flow around the funnel and keep the brick and mortar intact longer.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Chimney Crown and Flashings: A worn chimney crown or flashing will be susceptible to moisture retention and leaks that can deteriorate the flue lining as well as the walls and roof of your home. Monitor the health of these critical parts that bear the brunt of seasonal elements, by signing up for an annual inspection. 

For all your fireplace and chimney needs in and around the Philadelphia area, rely on the professionals at Elite Fireplace. Call us at (610) 489-4274 today or contact us online to learn more about our services. A representative will be in touch soon.