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Why Chimney Sweeping is Important

Contact Your Professional Chimney and Fireplace Company for Cleaning Services

If you enjoy relaxing by the fireplace, you also know how important it is to keep the unit clean. Every year, thousands of homeowners fail to recognize the importance of a thorough, professional chimney clean, resulting in extensive property damage or even injury. While there are many DIY guides available on how to sweep your own chimney, nobody can do it like the pros. Work with your chimney sweep service at least once a year to ensure that your fireplace is safe and in working order. 

4 Benefits of a Professional Chimney Cleaning 

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to any home. However, it also takes time and effort to ensure that they perform their duty safely. Here are 4 advantages of having your chimney professionally cleaned: 

  1. Safety First: Even if you have experience cleaning your chimney, only a trained chimney sweep knows how to correctly clean it. Over time, creosote and soot build up inside your chimney after each fire. If the creosote is improperly cleaned, embers have the potential to spark a fire inside your chimney. While you are more likely to leave behind dangerous creosote residue, a trained technician has access to professional-grade tools to perform a more thorough clean and ultimately prevent house fires. 
  2. Increase Heating Efficiency: Creosote deposits are not only dangerous but they also decrease the efficiency of your fireplace. The increased circulation of cooler air forces you to burn more wood to stay warm and keep your fire burning. Additionally, if you fail to have your chimney professionally inspected, you may miss finding the presence of small animals such as birds, rodents, and insects that are clogging the flue. Unfortunately, since toxic fumes have trouble moving past this obstruction, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning will significantly increase. 
  3. Save Valuable Time: Cleaning your own chimney is often a messy and tedious process. It often leaves ash and soot everywhere, further extending your cleaning process. Taking on the job by yourself can easily amount to hours of work. Save time and reduce the hassle by working with a certified chimney sweep. Have peace of mind that your fireplace maintenance is done right. 
  4. Prevent Costly Repairs: After each fire, ash, soot, and other particles can coat the components of your chimney and result in the premature replacement of these parts. However, professional cleaning can help reduce the need for expensive repairs or replacement parts. A chimney sweep can also alert you to any minor issues so you can address them right away.  

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