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How to Use Your Fireplace Safely this Holiday Season

Tips from Your Professional Chimney and Fireplace Service

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to spend with family and friends. Thanks to colder days and evenings, fireplace use will become more frequent. Before you gather your loved ones to celebrate in front of the fireplace, it is important to consider a few safety precautions. We understand how a fireplace can play an important role in holiday traditions, so make sure your fireplace is ready to perform optimally and safely. 

4 Holiday Fireplace Safety Tips 

Avoid a visit from your local fire department this winter by following a few fire prevention tips. Here are 4 ways you can practice fireplace safety this holiday season: 

  1. Inspect and Clean: Work with a professional to help inspect and clean your fireplace before the season’s first use. A chimney sweep will eliminate the threat of ash and soot from your fireplace so you can continue to burn fires safely. Additionally, ensure that your family is protected by installing fire alarms and carbon dioxide detectors throughout your home. Check to make sure batteries are working properly on a regular basis. Finally, if you have a fire extinguisher, keep it in the same room where your fireplace is located. 
  2. Monitor Guest Activity: Chances are your home will experience a lot of traffic during the holidays. Keep your guests safe by placing a fire screen or protective gate in front of an active fire. Pay special attention to small children and pets to ensure that they do not come into close contact with your fireplace. Furthermore, ensure that your fire is completely put out before or immediately after your guests have left for the evening. 
  3. Decorate Strategically: Holiday decorations can help make this time of year feel even more special. However, these items along with the wrapping paper used to cover gifts, are made from highly combustible materials. Do not keep gift boxes or hang decorations too close to your fireplace. Other items you may want to consider keeping away from your fireplace include Christmas trees and stockings.  
  4. Burn the Right Wood: After the holidays are over, it may be tempting to get rid of your Christmas tree by burning it in your fireplace, rather than leaving it curb side. However, these trees are not dry enough to safely contain the fire indoors and also have the potential to produce unhealthy air in your home. Additionally, gift wrapping should not be burned in your fireplace as it contains harmful plastics and chemicals. Dry firewood is the only material that should be used for making a fire. 

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